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Introducing Your Therapists

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Crosspoint Mental Health Therapy (CPMHT) wants to support you in having your needs met and your boundaries respected. Above all, we work together with you and anyone else on your treatment team to come up with a plan. Our services are accessible and affordable. We offer a low out of pocket rate for those without insurance.

CPMHT has a very unique approach to healthcare. We are very diverse. We aim to work with many different types of people. These are just some of the approaches that we may take. We find the best way to facilitate your growth. We are going to do whatever it takes to see you succeed.

CPMHT seeks to empower our community to be the most authentic version attainable by facilitating a solution to complex situations.  As a result, we will use the techniques of psychology. Thus we illuminate our clients and those around them. Accordingly, we strive to be inclusive to clients, staff, and the community from all walks of life.

Dr. Michael Moates

Professor Moates is a Licensed Psychologist, Behavior Analyst, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He holds 23 clinical licenses in 11 different states. In addition to clinical practice, Professor Moates educates students at a non-profit university in California. He teaches both general education and psychology coursework.

Moates has been in the mental health field since 2016 working in various modalities including in home, behavioral hospital, school, center-based, and telemedicine programs. He believes in a strong holistic approach in which he does a through intake, collaborates with you to build your treatment plan with goals that empower you, and facilitating you on your journey to the best version of yourself.

Shannon Iannotti, MA, QBA, LBA

As a Licensed Behavior Analyst Shannon has completed behavior assessments for maladaptive behaviors. She has created programs that are socially significant to each client. Shannon designs individualized behavior support plans and train parents on ways to implement these plans while in home and in the community. As a behavior analyst who holds a Master of Arts in Special Education with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis she specializes in working with children and their guardians to intervene on maladaptive behaviors. Shannon is trained in working with children ages 2-12 years old with behavioral difficulties and autism spectrum disorder.